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Based on the customer request we construct optimal solutions tailored to the production process of the customer. Important criteria such as cost-effectiveness and optimal design will be considered. Experimental tools over prototypes to the mass production tool, patterns and pilot lots are included in this. We are able to coordinate designers, product developers and processors. In the manufacturing and final inspection we apply highest standard.

Tool Technologies

  • Tools (moulds) upto about 20t
  • Standard tools
  • Stack mold / multi-daylight mold
  • 2 K Tools
    • Drilling technology
    • Core push technology
    • Transfer technology
  • Gas injection mold
  • Tandem Tools
  • CO 2 cooled tools
  • Inmould Labeling
  • Special tools for
    • Chromed parts
    • Fiber-reinforced plastics
    • Wood additives
    • Special-fillers
  • Technical Surfaces
    • Finish
    • Spec. Grained surfaces


Also in the production stage we consider ourselves partners of our customers. We can therefore offer service and maintenance contracts according to individual wishes. Our team takes care of your complete mold maintenance at your production site.

Our transport truck help with a transport of payload up to 4 T. For further details please contact us.

G-12 LKW Vehicle


The design team has developed over many years consistent user worktools on a 3D Unigraphics CAD system.
So we have short response time for all changes in the development phase and can quickly respond to customer needs.

CAD/CAM Software:

Unigraphics, Delcam, PowerMILL, Powershape 3-D volume- and freeform surface modeling Programming with direct machine connections (NC) Direct Interface Unigraphics/PowerMILL



Remote data transmission:

Own FTP-Server (access data upon request)


Our production team is expert in all craftsmanship involved in mold making for plastic injection molding, from the master handwork to the manufacturing with the latest CNC-controlled machines.

Experience and regular training of our skilled professionals guarantees high craftsmanship and technical competency.


Our team will accompany you from the beginning of idea to the finished product with competence and dedication. The team controls the delivery sequence, keeps in contact with all concerned parties and informs them regularly about the current status of the said projects. We leave nothing to chance, so your mold goes into production on schedule.

Quality Management

With the help of modern technical equipment, we deliver quality with high precision.Our quality team monitors the total production phase & also documents all the processes with the help of reliable test – procedures. Our milling machines are inspected ,during & after the production , with M&H measuring testers.

G-12 is certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.